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Bad Credit Q & A

I have a bankruptcy on my credit report. Can I still qualify?
A previous bankruptcy does not necessarily prevent you from getting a loan, there are many programs available that can help.

I do not have 'bad credit' but simply a lack of credit. Can you help?
Unfortunately, having no credit can be as tough as having bad credit for some people but we do have special programs available that can help you.

What FICO Score determines bad credit?
Usually a FICO Score of 600 and below will place you in the bad credit or high risk category.

How is your program different than traditional forms of financing?
Our network is comprised of many lenders nationwide that specialize in helping people that have poor credit.

Auto Loan Q & A

I have an auto repossession on my credit. Does this prevent me from an auto loan?
No. We have many special finance programs that can help you get your auto credit back on track.

Do you have programs for new car purchase? Used car purchases?
Yes we have new and used auto purchase programs. We do not have financing available for private party purchases (street buys) at this time.

What will my interest rate be?
Your interest rate is determined by; credit risk, down payment and the severity of existing credit problems. Typically, your interest rate based on the risks, down payment etc is very competitive with the national averages. Your proposed interest rate will be disclosed to you at the time of your loan approval.

Can I use a co-signer?
If you have a co-signer available that has good credit it can definitely help lower your interest rate. A co-signer is not necessarily needed by can be used to achieve a more desirable loan.

Car Title Loan Q & A

What is a car title loan?
These are loans given based on using your automobile as collateral.

Are title loans only given on automobiles?
No. You can basically obtain a title loan on any motorized vehicle that retains a title issued by your state. ATV's, Boats, Automobiles, Recreation Vehicles are among a long list of acceptable collateral.

What happens to my vehicle during the loan term?
You retain possession of your vehicle and use it as normal.

How much can I borrow against my vehicle?
Generally you can borrow up to 50% of the vehicles wholesale value.

My vehicle is not paid off. Can I still get a title loan?
In some cases you can provided you have equity in the automobile.

Am I required to carry insurance on the vehicle used for the loan?

Does the vehicle title have to be in my name?
Yes, you name must appear on the title.

Credit Card Q & A

What type of credit cards do you offer?
There are many different cards offered that range from bad credit to excellent credit. You can also find prepaid, secure and unsecured cards at our credit card section.

What is a prepaid credit card?
A prepaid card is basically a card that you put money in your account Then use the car which subtracts purchases from your balances. It is much like a debit card but it will show positive payments on your credit report and help build a better credit score.

What interest rate do the cards have?
Rates vary depending on your credit history, credit risk, type of card chosen and other factors. Each card will disclose the interest rate to you before you commit to taking the offer.

Debt Consolidation Q & A

What is debt consolidation?
This is when you for example take out a personal loan to cover all existing debt and then pay each debt off with the loan and make the payment required on the personal loan.

What is debt relief?
This is when you work with a debt counselor to consolidate or negotiate your existing debt into smaller payments or lesser interest rates.

Do you offer advice from debt counselors?
Yes, When you complete our online request a debt counselor will communicate with you and explain how he or she can help you. Your counselor will help you develop a tailored plan that can help you achieve present and future goals.

Payday Loan Q & A

What is a payday loan?
This is a loan given based on your employment and is replayed on the next payday.

How much does it cost to get a payday loan?
Generally, a good average is approximately $10-$20 per $100 borrowed.

What is the minimum income required to get a payday loan?
$800 per month.

Do I have to have a checking account?

Will my credit be checked?
Generally no credit check is required. You will need to address such questions directly with your lender when he or she contacts you after completing the online application.

General FAQ

Is is safe to apply online?
Absolutely! Our online application is hosted in a secure environment and all information is encrypted when sent. Furthermore, We do not store any personal information online, once your application is processed and delivered to the qualified lender it is removed instantly.

What happens if I don't make a payment or my payment is late?
Depending on the contract with the lender you may incur additional fees, late payments and legal actions could result. This is dependent upon the loan agreement you signed with your lender.

How much will my loan cost?
This depends on your lender agreement. By law all costs of your loan are required to be disclosed to you before you sign your agreement contract.

What is the renewal policy for my loan and/or service?
Once you accept a loan from your lender you will be under all obligations set forth by the lender/company funding your loan.

If I do not like the terms of the loan am I obligated to take it?

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